Interesting Data Regarding Limited Ads (possible workaround for trademarks Chris S.)

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  • Interesting Data Regarding Limited Ads (possible workaround for trademarks Chris S.)

    I just listened to part of the recent podcast on my way home from my "9 to 5" and since I'm not tired why not write some content. I'll be posting this on my website eventually but figured I'd post here since the PSP is the inspiration behind it. And I'd like to see some feedback from like-minded people.

    I'm working for a franchise doing Google Ads. Great owner, but the company as a whole is an absolute dumpster fire in regards to helping franchisees. Not to get into it fully, but my partner and I were hired by this one location to prove that the large marketing company that does a "mandatory monthly fee" marketing program for all franchisees isn't working. It took about three months to even get permission to do so.


    So the company name is obviously trademarked and like in the podcast trademarked names are annoying especially in ad copy; even if it's your actual client. So I put the company name in the ads because it's a pretty recognizable name and would benefit the account by mentioning it......obviously. Well, my ads ended up being limited because of the trademark. I go through the whole process to get permission and in the end, the trademark owner listed with Google doesn't even own it. He's just another franchisee. Long story short I didn't get permission and shocker......the corporate office told us to go scratch.

    My workaround was using a hyphen. So if the name was Swirlawhirl Ice Cream I put the name as Swirl-a-Whirl and all my ads were approved and not limited. Maybe Chris could test an ad using Word-Press instead of Wordpress? Just a thought as most people recognize WP as being WordPress anyway but who knows until you test

    But to get an idea of what limited does to an account it's pretty interesting. When I checked the data after changing the ads and going from limited to not this is what I found
    • CTR trending up
    • Average CPC trending up
    • Impressions trending down
    • Clicks trending down
    • Conversions rate trending up
    • Number of conversions trading up
    I attached some screenshots of the graphs. I used weekly to show the trend better and for conversions, I did daily to see the increase. This is a very low budget account as we're the guinea pigs. But at the current cost per conversion and the number of conversions, we're way ahead of the other firm for a much shorter period of time.

    It's interesting to see how the addition of the most valuable asset, a brand name, can change the important metrics of an account. And when Google or a client makes your life difficult try to come up with an unorthodox solution.

    Click image for larger version

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    What I didn’t explain and should have was the big spikes before hand. This was when we removed the brad name completely. I’ll post another picture of how impressions spiked after the limited designation was lifted.