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    Hi there, could we talk on some point about how google pushes to cpa-automated bidding and how it will impact us on time.
    At this time, it does not work for me (tested it a lot of time, big account) but the overall CPC is just higher... nice google

    i don’t know if you commented that they wil kill the avg position...
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      Originally posted by syarchin View Post
      Steps to take when a well executed search account is just not working. Not enough conversions, not enough good conversions. Is it where we are hitting in the funnel, is it the website, should we look for an outside audit?

      How long to string a client along (with the best of intentions... putting real effort into the account) before admitting that it's not getting better?
      Nice idea... when to waive the white flag and what steps to take before it gets to that point.


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        I would like to see an episode on bid adjustments. I find myself struggling at times. Do I adjust based on CPA? On total Conversions? At costs? Or conversion rate?

        For example, the Men demographic has a higher conversion rate but Woman get much more total conversions. Do I lower Woman bidding for lower CPA’s?

        How do you approach this?



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          • The lightbox display ad format - Successes? Failures?
          • How to handle a client that could spend big money, but "wants to start with $200 and see what happens." - Like a spin on the episode about the "where should I start?"
          • Using keyword planner to try and forcast or estimate ad spend?
          • Reporting systems - Reporting Ninja? - Pulling straight from google? how do you send reports?
          • Location extensions and promoted map listings.
          • Do you invoice, prebill, or just use your clients credit card for ad spend? (I had a clients card get declined and Google automatically suspended several accounts)
          • Do anyone get good advice when they call in to Google?


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            I'd also like to hear more about getting results quicker on young campaigns. The end-of-month anxiety on new campaigns inevitably rears its ugly head even though I know this stuff takes time.

            Along that vein, a trap door type of episode on over-optimizing in a panic. I did this the other day and am sooooo regretting it now. I hate it when that happens.


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              Originally posted by sarahbee View Post
              I'd also like to hear more about getting results quicker on young campaigns. The end-of-month anxiety on new campaigns inevitably rears its ugly head even though I know this stuff takes time.
              This will be Monday's show!


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                Thank you guys so much for that amazing episode!

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                Great episode, really helpful ideas (maybe they were Chris', but you still get the credit).

                One follow up question. There was the idea of spending 80% bottom of the funnel, 20% top of the funnel.

                Bottom of the funnel was described as +toilet +repair +chicago, etc
                Top of the funnel was described as +plumbing +company +chicago

                While I agree that I would like to get 80% of my traffic into the bottom funnel, my gut tells me that there is probably more like 80% of the actual search volume towards what we are calling the top funnel.

                When in the same campaign, how would you create a scenario where the top funnel wasn't eating all of the budget? My usual solution is to isolate those top funnel keywords to a separate campaign and set a budget just for those keywords (maybe 20% of overall budget) then build the bottom funnel keywords into another campaign and allocate budget accordingly.

                Is there a more streamlined way? I'd love to do the one campaign approach.

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              How about an episode on Opteo? I am really intrigued by it and I know that there is a 6 week trial but a little detail on the kinds of things that it can do with examples? Also how its different from Google recommendations & optimisation score?

              I know your sponsors will love it!