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  • Myers–Briggs Personality Tests

    On the episode 167 Patreon after show coming out Monday, Chris and I talk about the Myers–Briggs personalities, and how we've both gotten into this lately. It's spooky and very interesting how spot-on this was for me and people I know who've done it.

    I'm an INTJ.

    Kind of low-key totally is influencing my approach to a lot life situations... parenting one day, business, and generally just trying to be more successful. Now that I have some deeper insight on the way I'm wired and the way other people can be wired, it feels like I have a bit of a super power, in terms of understanding people, motivations, and having the right kinds of expectations for what I can do well and what others can do well, and vice versa, what I'm not suited for and what others aren't suited for.

    Here's the website we reference where we took the test - https://www.16personalities.com/

    And here's the book I'm reading that I reference on Amazon, Type Talk.

    Anyone ever gotten into this stuff?
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    I’ve taken different versions of the Myers-Briggs test of a few times and took it again just now as you spent basically the whole Patreon episode talking about it haha. I tested INFP (Mediator) but I’m fairly certain I had different results in previous tests.

    I would say most of the description was accurate, but there were some things that were also completely wrong. People probably exist on more of a spectrum than left and right of 4 different scales. It’s more fun than actionable IMO and I think it leans more towards superstition (like zodiac or horoscopes) than science.


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      I've gotten into it sort of. Meyers-Briggs is set up to be given by a trained person, so sources I've seen are quick to downplay self-taken tests. I'm not sure where that falls on the specialist vs. Amway scale, but I've done a few of the online ones, and the results tend to be close: INTJ or INFJ. I think it's important to make the round hole stretch a bit to accommodate your square shape.

      For example, in my circles, the clever insight about introvert vs, extrovert is that it isn't about how shy you are, but about "Where you recharge your batteries." You might be very social, but being around people drains you, and time alone gets you back on your feet. That's nice, but I'm a big ol' "I" on these tests, and I am in no way recharged by being alone, yet I definitely recoil from crowds. The Great Insight for me on the E/I thing was about friendship. Extroverts like many friends. Introverts prefer a few very close ones. That's me all over!

      So one person's E/I thing might indeed be how they recover, alone, or feeding off the energy of a big party. For another it may actually be shyness vs. gregariousness that mainly settles their E/I question. For me, the most defining quality is how I prefer friendships. I don't recharge alone, and I'm pretty gabby with people - E. I don't love crowds, but that's more of a mild phobia than a personality trait, but above all, and most certainly, and definitely the most defining of these four potentially applicable issues, I like Best Friends, a few, like brothers or sisters.

      Also, Enneagrams. ...they're a freaking nightmare.


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        Debater - "the ultimate devil’s advocate"


        Spot on


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          So important, these personality tests! Like if I'm running a company and I need a sales person, don't you want an extrovert who's likely more of a natural fit for sales?
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