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    Picked up a client in a niche that is new to me (optometry). Any suggestions / gotchas in this space would be appreciated.

    I don't find the keyword planner especially useful except for identifying negative kw.

    I figure my keywords will revolve mostly around how layman search for things instead of clinical terms ("double vision" vs. "binocular dipolopia")

    From a competitive research standpoint, here are some of the things I'm thinking about:

    • Look at what the competition is doing w/r to keywords and ads (I know accuracy is limited)
    • Download their opthamology Google Ads template (basic, but may have some ideas)
    • Look at what competitors are ranking for from an organic standpoint

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    Looks like there might be something to their subspecialties

    For example with glaucoma, if your client treats that, I could see people searching about glaucoma. Looks like specialist is a word people search for.

    glaucoma specialists los angeles
    glaucoma specialists near me


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      Thanks Jason - definitely worth digging into. I appreciate it and will take a look