Quality Score - Trying to figure out which KWs to include

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  • Quality Score - Trying to figure out which KWs to include

    Hello dear community,

    I would like your input in a matter that has been puzzling me for months. I have created me campaigns in SKAG structure and as far it goes they perform exceptionally CTRs and Conversion Rates are High and CPAs are low. In my quest to decrease the CPCs I have been trying to increase the black box a.k.a Quality Score.

    I know that you get QS "juice" only for KWs that you have added and not for Search Terms (which I personally find it unnessecary as it adds a lot of manual work). My problem is now that I have added the "heavy hitting" Search Terms as KWs (meaning those that collect 75% of the Search Volume) I am left with very granular search terms that collectively have 2-3k impressions but individually they do not get more than 5 Impressions per month.

    To give you an example let's say that I advertise for the KW "plumber in west athens".

    The Search Terms report should be something like the following:

    "plumber in west athens" -> Impressions: 20.000: Status: "Added"
    "plumber in west athns" -> Impressions: 10: Status: "None"
    "plmber in west athens" -> Imperssions: 5: Status: "None"
    "plmbe west athens" -> Imperssions: 15: Status: "None"

    The list goes on with the misspellings that keep sapping my impressions. If I add them the appear as "Not enough impressions", if I don't add them they do not give me enough QS Juice.

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    I don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

    google is going to display your ad for misspellings for your search keywords no matter what you do.

    You don’t add misspellings to your keywords

    youre wasting your time on something, in my opinion, that shouldn’t be given any thought at all


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      I think I understand what you're getting at. You want to add more variations of your best KWs to your SKAGs, right? I'm a little confused because if that is what you want to do, then they aren't really SKAGs anymore.

      Could you re-state the question in fewer words? That'll make it easier to understand the heart of your question.