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  • Account Structure Follow-Up Question

    Regarding the first question on Ep. 174 re: account structure ... what's everyone's approach on multi-location businesses within a metro? In my example, it's a spa with 4 locations. Right now I'm keeping it simple and having them all share a campaign that's focused on a specific service that they provide. My reasoning is 1) all GMB locations are connected and Google will serve up the best location in the case of extensions, map pack results, etc. 2) people don't necessarily spa where they live. I'm thinking of commuters and students who may choose a spa outside of their neighborhood. Or they could be researching options in their neighborhood from school or work.

    Anyhoo, I'm at a point where I want to see better results and am considering breaking them out at the location level for each campaign. Trying to decide what this would look like in terms of geo settings - would prob use radius targeting and def try as an experiment first (but not sure what that would look like honestly ... ). I have a ton of location data to work with, as this account has been running forever. I can see the hot-button ZIPs, etc.

    Does anyone have any experience with this scenario? Thoughts/suggestions? Perhaps the experiment could be a breakout of just one of the locations, using the geo hot spots in my historical data to guide me.

    P.S. Laugh-snorted in my car picturing the aunts and uncles from the 60s *really* singing Let It Be.

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    You probably have more experience in this than me Sarah. So I want to 2nd your current strategy. I understand Google serves the correct GMB ads according to user location.

    I'd be interested to hear if there's anything ad managers need to do to adjust/edit this but I believe it's totally automatic.