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    Hi everyone! I am building some BMM Keywords and I would like your help on what is the correct way to build them:

    Q1: Is there a reason to have 1 Keyword BMMs? for example +renovations; Is it the same a total broad?
    Q2: if i have a keyword for moving companies what's the best way to build it? I usually do something like this. -> +moving +companies +in +athens. Is this the correct one or should I do it differently

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    For part 1 I wouldn’t advise that. I mean it would include searches with the word renovations but the possibilities are endless. Even with a good negative list you’re going to show up for searches that you would never think of.

    for the second part I do things different. Recently all my BMM keywords are three words or more. I also stopped adding words like in, near, etc. so in your case I’m removing the +in. So I will show up for someone searching near Athens, in Athens, local Athens moving companies.

    be mindful you will show up for searches like Athens moving companies reviews and things like that. So it pays to have a decent negative list to start.


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      renovations (pure broad)
      This KW could trigger searches for refurbishing, rebuilding, restoration, modernization

      This KW could trigger searches for any search that includes renovation, renovations, renovating (maybe not renovating)