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    I've set up smart goals in google analytics and installed it in adwords. After a month now I see data in both adwords and analytics. The adwords account is mainly for brand awareness. In adwords under conversions > smart goals > web pages - I see lots of page results. In analytics, I don't get much data when I look at Conversions > Goals > Smart Goals. My question is how do I use the data to better my adwords campaigns. There are lots of tutorials on how to setup smart goals and explaining what it is but I haven't seen anything yet on how to use the actual data you get

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    - Check if the connection between the 2 platforms is ok (check it on google analytics > admin > property > product linking > Google Ads.
    - Check if you use different attribution models. If you use Data-driven attribution on Google Ads, but the attribution model in Google Analytics is Last-Click then you are bound to have huge gaps between the conversion numbers.

    Finally I would suggest against on using smart goals and instead choose something more concrete that you can optimize on. It could be a custom conversion or a pageview.


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      Thanks for your thoughts here. Have never really looked at the attribution models in analytics but will check into it. Your comments about not using smart goals has been echoed a few times by others I've asked. May just stop burning so much time on it.


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        I use and recommend smart goals when you don't have enough conversion data from concrete conversions.

        One of my clients has call tracking and phone tracking on their site. However, only 20-30 people a month complete either of those conversions.

        However, this website has lots of traffic browsing their photo gallery (a gallery of their work). Because traffic that browses the photo gallery and checks out the rest of the website is likely to be potential customers, I optimize the Ads account using Smart Goals. Since Smart Goals are a combination of page views, time on site, etc. this matches the type of interaction I want on this website. I know I could setup page view/session duration goals. However, using Smart Goals is simpler.

        Using Smart Goals in Ads (by adding it to the conversions column), I get way more conversion data. This allows me to use Smart Display campaigns (which require a 50 conversions from display in the past 30 days), which I couldn't do with only the phone + contact form conversion data. It also allows me to use maximize conversions bidding in a pure broad / experimental keyword campaign.

        It works well for this account. Wouldn't use it in all accounts though