Merchant account is suspended because "User cannot purchase" - but users CAN purchase

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  • Merchant account is suspended because "User cannot purchase" - but users CAN purchase

    hello all!

    strange problem in one of my merchant accounts, i'm wondering if any of you had seen it before and know what to do (accept contacting google's support).

    the account is suspended with this message from google: "Account suspended due to policy violation: User cannot purchase".

    but the site is working, users CAN purchase, and the site has a few dozens purchases each day.

    what might be happening, although i'm not sure, is that the site might be only open to purchases from Israel, so when the google guys check it they can't purchase.

    iv'e contacted google's support but hope that one of you might have encountered this before and have a good advice about it....


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    I've not encountered this but when it comes to Google Merchant Center issues, the only thing that helps resolve the issue is Google's support. Looks like you've already contacted them. That's the best you can do.

    Are your feed and shopping ads set to target Israel?


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      Hi Austin - thanks for the reply!
      yes - the feed & ads are only for Israel.
      google support worked like magic - they tested the site, saw there is no problem - and approved the account...

      it's worth mentioning that on the google product forum some experts claimed it is not possible to approve a site for google shopping if it's not available on ALL countries - which sounds very strange (and pretty dumb to be honest). however these experts were wrong, since the purchasing option is only available in Israel, and the google support team approved it.

      my guess is that the first approval process is automatic - and the system tried the site from the US (or other country), and failed to start a purchase (and then assumed it's no possible to purchase on the site).
      when i contacted them it went to a manual revue, where a human could see the actual situation.


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        Glad this got resolved for you!

        I wonder if the "experts" meant to say that you can't have the feed approved in a country that the store is not available in. E.g., you can't setup ads to serve in Germany if the store's checkout page only works in France. Online forums...