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  • Rotate Ads Evenly or Best performing ads

    Hi All

    I have Ad Groups that contain 3 ads - 2 x Expanded text ads and 1 x Responsive search ad.

    i have the ad rotation set to - Do not optimise: Rotate ads indefinitely

    I use this so I can get an true picture of how the ads are performing and make changes on a split test.

    Google keeps recommending I switch to: Optimise: Prefer best performing ads.

    Question: Should I stick to rotate ads indefinitely or let Google machine learning Prefer best performing ads take control.

    As always really appreciate your help and feedback.



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    I don't have a sure answer but I think it's good to try rotate indefinitely from time to time. It seems like prefer best performing ads doesn't give every ad a fair shot. Some ads get 10s of impressions then Google stops showing them. Sometimes I wonder if those ads that Google stops showing might actually perform if they get a 2nd chance.

    In general, i think prefer best performing should be your default choice though


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      Thanks Austin

      I think I agree with you, I have just watched to The Ultimate Adwords Management System on You Tube and Jason talks about using the rotate evenly method and optimse for clicks, but when he uses this optimse method he takes a copy of the winning ad and makes small adjustments.

      I guess it is just about testing and trying different options.

      Thanks again for your reply.



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        If you were to test this, would you run an experiment and in the rotate evenly group optimize as you see fit while in the other test group let Google try to guess via prefer best performing ads?


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          I checked an account today that has 4 ads and rotate indefinitely. There’s one ad with 80% served. Not sure what’s up with that.


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            Rotate evenly seems like it'd be best if you're testing ads, but it never seems to work as planned for me, and I usually go with the flow and set it on show best performing ad... and I throw in new copy and see how it does, but if I want to do a big test, you already know... experiments!