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  • Google dynamic search terms and languages

    So here's a first for me, have a client running a dynamic ad group, campaign is targeting US and English but we just got a search term that was in korean. Now after translating it the phrase was accurate but not sure if Google's loosening its strictness more with dynamic? anyone else see this?

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    Haven't seen it. Hope I don't. But thanks for the heads up on this.

    Exact match isn't really exact anymore... people "In targeted Locations" no longer means what it says... "English" being expanded to include any language spoken by humans seems like a logical extension of where they're going

    Can't say I'm exactly surprised that Google is getting more liberal with search phrases it will allow into the auction. I'm admittedly cynical, but more allowable search phrases = more potential competitors which could result in higher CPCs.


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      yeah im on the fence with their broadening exact matches, I have 1 issue with a client who offers power washing services but Google is still qualifying "power washer" and "power washing" as the same thing even though they're 2 completely separate terms, one being a machine the other an act or service. adding washer as a negative doesn't seem to be helping either of course lol