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    Originally posted by warren View Post
    Jason first of all, I was as excited about hearing you mention this discussion on the podcast as I imagine Chris would be if he walked into a bar and there wasn't anyone there.

    Secondly, how do you use "Est. first page bid" and "Est. first position bid" when setting your manual bids? (probably a dumb question, but I'm curious about how you use/approach that info.)
    Thanks. It was a fun episode. I don't pay much attention at all to those estimates. I just know from prior experience where to start of with the bids, or if I don't I just throw something in there, monitor, and quickly adjust as needed. Nothing wrong with starting low and then going up as needed, and protecting yourself that way.

    And now, with the forum, we can all get on here, especially in the Industries section and say "hey, what CPC should I start out for this business?"


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      Hi Jason - I've just started introducing tCPA to a very well established account, which until now has been 100% manually managed. This isn't the first account I've introduced tCPA to, so I've had a bit of practice and some great support from Google through training and best practice guidelines, thanks to a very supportive account manager.

      So far, tCPA is live in 1 campaign, in 1 city, for a multi location, national business in the UK.

      Just made it through it's 3rd full week, and I'm starting to see some positives. Namely an increase in conversions, specifically lead form completions.

      In the 8 week period prior to activating tCPA the campaign was averaging 16 conversions per week at an average cost per conversion of £19.74. Since activating tCPA I'm averaging 21 conversions per week at an average cost per conversion of £23.89. However in the 3rd full week the campaign delivered 26 conversions (best week on record) at £21.99 per conversion. Cost per conversion is slightly up but more than acceptable considering the increase in conversions.

      That all sounded like a good news story, and it was, until a competitor dropped out of the market, Abs Top (the first time I've fully appreciated the new metric since saying goodbye to Avg Pos) went sky rocketing, conversion rate drastically changed and the so called "SMART" solution has been wobbling since (4 days and counting). I'm now considering the new seasonal bid adjustment, and pestering my account manager for support.

      Have you experienced anything like this? Or has anybody else? Any thoughts, ideas or definitive solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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        That's been my biggest problem with automated bidding, sometimes it goes good... until it doesn't, and then when it starts struggling I don't know what to do, or if there's anything to do. So that's why I'm usually doing manual, to have that control and to be able to adjust.


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          Hi there !

          automation sounds great but it only works with a clear input and strategy (for me it does not work)
          I guess that in your case @callumhw you did not seek a better cpa, you did seek for more conversions , try the max conversions in this case.

          it depends a lot on the business you are in to


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            It's no wonder Google loves everyone using automated bidding when you take over an account that has been using it and you come many "random" search queries that are 8-10x the average CPC that actually convert.


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              Automated bidding is the clear future, it will improve verry fast over the next year, Google knows more abour the user and its potential option to convert than we do with cpc bids.
              For agencys this will be a drama but for a normal PPC Advertiser it is no big deal, because all this automatization is only good with "human" input.

              for example, planes fly automated - it is more safe in most cases.
              BUT, when things get tricky humans can interact and change things, because we hace a more borad view about the situation,
              in the same way than a car gps tells you take the next exit (with all the traffic data they have) but you know that its better to take another way because of your experience, of your know how
              gps have traffic data but you live there, you know more about all the details.

              thats why automation is not scarry or will remplace us, it will help us in the future to make better bidding - with our input!.