Targeting (Audiences) for Plumbers, Electricians and Home Appliance Repairs

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  • Targeting (Audiences) for Plumbers, Electricians and Home Appliance Repairs

    Greetings friends,

    Recently I am trying to increase my conversion volume by going into Facebook PPC for leads that need urgent attention like Plumbers, Electricians and Home Appliance Repairs. Unfortunately since Facebook Ads are audience driven and not intent-based (nothing beat good ol Search Ads on that) I have yet to find success.

    My CPA is huge (~15€) and my CTR is below 1%. I am guessing that this is happening because if someone needs a plumber or an electrician she needs him RIGHT NOW. If my ad shows up on their feed 5 minutes before the sink breaks then it's irrelevant, 5 minutes after the plumber comes and fix it, it's irrelevant yet again.

    Is there anyway where I can find the sweet spot?

    Btw Remarketing works phenomenal... but the volume is too small.

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    Hey, GreekGeek you are correct in identifying that services that are urgent or emergency, is not going to be as effective through Facebook than it is for Google Ads ((intent)

    However, I would be positioning the client so that they are the authority in the subject, building engagement campaigns around posts that address pain points, or their services passively.

    When was the last time you had your electrical switchboard checked?
    Does your electrical board meet the minimum safety standards?
    Is your family protected inside the home from electrical shock?

    Upgrade your <product> and get % off when you book this month
    Monthly special on something that is not urgent but is appealing

    Just spitballing but you get the gist of it.

    Send them to the article/service on the website and continually retarget (which you're already doing) so that they are in front of mind.

    Run dynamic ads with multiple images/headlines/ad copy to test to see what works.