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  • Facebook Lead Form

    For most, when it comes to Facebook advertising, the uneducated will generally mash the BOOST button and hope for the best.

    When you dig deeper into setting these campaigns up properly, there are so many different campaigns to utilise (traffic, awareness, engagement etc.) and can be very confusing.

    Personally, if you're looking to make an impact on your clients, Facebook Lead Form Ads is the place to start.

    It eliminates the need for building landing pages, auto-fills their main details and with the right form questions, can help with providing high-quality leads.

    Don't get me wrong, this is not a full replacement to Google Ads but having the ability to offer both options can really help with getting in front of their audience.

    Would love to hear if anyone else is using them and what little tweaks they make to get better results

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    I've tried but the niche I was in didn't get enough volume and/or I didn't give it enough time.

    But yea, the idea of it is so tempting.

    Did it work well for you? Did you notice any difference in results in terms of platform and device?
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      It was a huge swing for a number of clients across to Facebook but it really depends on the industry. What niche were you trying?

      The major benefit I have found is that the form auto-populates most details and it doesn't take them off the platform.

      As an example, I was running Google Ads for a weight loss surgeon (which I attribute you guys for its success from your podcast) with great results. Running Facebook Lead Ads alongside them, we are now more than doubling the number of leads than Google Ads but for half the cost.

      Initially, the quality of leads was not as good as we were getting from Google Ads but with a few tweaks to the questions on the form, that has all changed.

      With regards to devices, predominately mobile for FB whereas GA has a little mix of desktop too.

      So yeah, it does work, takes time, but the results can be fantastic.

      Happy to share/help anyone looking to take on these bad boys through the forum.


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        Glad that's working for you. I've also seen most of the success I've had from Facebook with mobile. My frustration with Facebook is you have to try so much stuff and spend to try and figure out what works. Hard for me to why something ends up working when I'm targeting multiple audiences etc.
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          It can be a minefield but this is where the magic can happen.

          I wouldn't lump all the audiences into the same group, as you said, it makes it a little difficult to know exactly which one is working.

          The Facebook algo is getting so much better, local targeting is always a good way to start and you can always target small business owners in the interest column.

          Another good one when targeting is to test "Facebook Page Admin" for Business pages, Travel, Sports, Health etc. as some, not all, business owners do manage their pages and probably the ones that need the most help.


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            Thanks, yea my instinct is to not add too many audiences together so I can retain a grasp on what's working and what's not, good to see I'm on the right track with that.
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