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Does cold calling work to get PPC clients?

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  • Does cold calling work to get PPC clients?

    I have some businesses in mind that I'd like to work for. Like I know their website, who they are etc.

    So I'm inclined to call them up and tell them about my great services.

    Does this work? Does cold calling work? Any advice?

    I saw Mark Cuban recommend this book before, so I've been reading it.
    manual bids

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    Cold calling is such a tough gig. It will be interesting to see how many people had success with this when they first started.

    What about putting together a short video audit and adding that to your cold call spiel, specifically calling out what you see, what you can do for them etc.?

    Something a little different.


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      Call em, say you’ll run ads for them for a week and they don’t like the results you’ll eat the cost

      I don’t think that will work but be our Guinea Pig


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        If it's only a few a day, can't hurt. I like email marketing to niches. I'm much more effective.


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          I like to search for what the business sells then if they don't come up on Google I screen shot it and send them a pdf showing them all the traffic they're missing out on.


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            I really like your idea warren, could you tell us more about that pdf that you use? how do you explain to them how you can be a game-changer?

            I've sent to some prospect with very bad ad copies an example of the ads I could create for them with screenshots and all but it's very time consuming and the ROI is 0%

            Cold calling is really hard here in France. People hate being bothered, they're very defensive.

            What's your opinion on cold e-mail? Do you use it and see results?


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              Quentin It doesn't have to be a fancy PDF, sometimes I use Google Sheets and make a slideshow with a different screenshot on each page. I'll put the companies logo on the front page, and my logo small and in the corner. I usually only do this for companies I know sell high margin items. I like to send them to presidents or marketing team members if you can find their emails on linkedin or online. I'll start it out with "Hey we were doing some research on companies in your industry and came across your website. We put together a free report for you... etc." If you have a soft contact or can go drop it off in person that really helps. I'll make little arrows in sheets and point out all companies advertising above their website, which is usually competitors.

              Another way to do this at networking events or if you're in a meeting is to just google what the company sells and a town name the next town over that way they won't show up in maps. Then I show them my phone and say "look you guys don't even come up in (town name)"