Big Clients Are the Worst Clients

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  • Big Clients Are the Worst Clients

    In general, I make more money with $1k-$5k/month budget clients. Huge clients end up being big time sinks that need way too much attention and communication for me to make money serving them.

    For example, I recently started working on an e-commerce store's Google/Bing Ads accounts. They spend $30k+/month on ads. That's great because I can charge a lot for my service. However, it's turned out to be a huge time sink for me. Definitely not worth it. There's a couple things this account doesn't have going for it:

    - The account was completely running on SKAGs before I started working on it.
    -- Search Ads were composed of 2 campaigns and 1,400 ad groups (and one ad group per match type #[email protected]*)
    -- Shopping ads were setup with single product ad groups (4,000+ ad groups)
    - This store relies on Google for 3/4 of its revenue, so I'm responsible for the majority of the store's income. Any little change I make that doesn't pan out has a huge impact and the client immediately messages me about it.
    - The store sells a commodity product sold on many other online stores

    Every time I consolidate a round of 10-15 SKAGs into 2-3 ad groups, clicks drop, revenue drops, client complains. I got the client used to drops in performance temporarily and they're cool with that. However, they're not cool with it happening repeatedly. I'm not ok with that either of course.

    I've tried phasing out old campaigns 10 states at a time (so I exclude 10 states in an old campaign and target those 10 states in my new campaign). But same problem and then I'm managing 2x the campaigns during this transition. So much work!

    I love the challenge of a huge budget, but I also need to make money for me. I make way more money for much less effort on accounts spending $1k-$5/month. This one is costing me so many hours that I wish I hadn't taken it on.

    Anyone have any advice/experience with big shopping ad accounts?

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    I've experienced similar things with big clients that had me feeling thankful for the smaller clients. At the same time, I've had some great big clients. So I don't rule them out, but in general, the smaller ones are often better.

    Shopping advice? Not here,I haven't done shopping in a long time. It didn't suit me well or feel natural to me the way search lead generation does.


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      This client dropped me today but I'm glad because I get my weekends back.

      Jason do your biggest clients take up a lot of your time with questions/reporting?

      Shopping is weird but fun in its own way. The weird part is that instead of adding keywords you want to show up on (as in lead gen) you end up adding negatives for everything you don't want to show up on.


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        To me its always been more about the individual client and not how much they spend. I've had big clients that don't take up a lot of client interaction time and I've had small clients that take up a ton. So my approach is its not about the spend its about the person.