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Hardest part of running a PPC agency?

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  • Hardest part of running a PPC agency?

    What's the most difficult thing about running a PPC agency?

    What stresses you about running a PPC agency?

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    1) Leads

    Getting quality inbound leads. Seems like most people who come to me are damaged goods and have been burned by a previous marketing company.

    Add to that the barrage of spam that business owners receive, it is hard to convince prospects that you're.... different. You're not like those other guys.

    2) Microsoft Ads Editor

    I don't trust it. Every time I import from Google I'm worried I'm going to miss a location targeting expansion that it decides to do b/c it doesn't have the same locations as Google. I know there's a setting on the import screen to try to prevent this - but still stresses me out. I don't trust it.


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      -It's hard to handle additional clients once my book is full (even though I'd like more clients so I can make more money).

      -It's hard to get lots of clients in a single industry. I have clients from various industries, so big learning curve.
      --The one type of client I serve most are e-commerce stores. Those are almost never easy.
      --The local services businesses are great clients when their ads work. They never complain or bother me and they pay. I just need lots of physical therapists, which are easy. But I've only got one

      -Hard to manage time. Lots of requests and emails come early in the week that distract me from regular account reviews.

      (Things that make it easier)
      -UpWork honestly makes running PPC agency easy because I don't have to chase unpaid invoices. I get paid 1x/week for those accounts
      -Optmyzr also makes it easier but its expensive for me right now.
      -Having a PT helper review search terms reports on some accounts each week. This saves me time and he does a good job. However, I only have him check search terms in accounts that I know are already locked down. I also always cycle some of my PT guy's accounts into my queue each week. That way, I don't go more than 1 month without checking search terms in every account myself, even the accounts the PT guy checks.