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Pitching to FB Group Owners

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  • Pitching to FB Group Owners

    In the old days I used to go after niches and promote my business with AdWords and have a lot of success bringing in new business. That isn't as effective anymore - I'm changing it up and trying to get in front of groups any way that I can.

    Anyone ever have success promoting directly to FB Groups?

    In process right now of going after a FB group owner to promote my services. Has 5,000+ members and it is an active group. In the contracting space, and I already have 3 clients in the niche.

    My objective is to get the owner to have 4-6 posts about me (1 or 2 per week) followed by a webinar at the end.

    Webinar will be discussing promoting their contracting business online (PPC, SEO, FB, ...). No hard sell, but obviously they'll have my contact information at the end to get in touch.

    Anyone ever try something similar? Any lessons learned you'd like to share?

    If I'm able to pull this off, I'll share my results.

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    I tried this with an old tee shirt store I ran myself. It wasn't easy and it didn't get me any sales. I think being part of the groups and participating was more rewarding because I understood the market better and made some connections. No sales though

    I bet you get some leads after the webinar and posts.

    I'm part of an e-comm store owner forum and I get inquiries from them 1-2 times/month. I participate quite a bit and share a lot of knowledge.


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      Can groups be targeted with ads on Facebook?


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        Originally posted by Jason View Post
        Can groups be targeted with ads on Facebook?

        Not that I am aware of directly (never done it before) but there is a way to work around it


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          No - I don't know how to target groups directly in Facebook - but you could probably approximate it by advertising on interests.

          I'm in touch with the creator of the group and he's up for me putting together a webinar. Kind of helps to build that relationship since he should be vouching for me as well within the group.

          Webinar probably at the end of the month or early November - I'll report back on the level of success.