Anyone have a good tutorial to import conversions into Bing?

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  • Anyone have a good tutorial to import conversions into Bing?

    I've tried it on my own using the Excel template provided by Bing but it won't import. I've checked the formatting and I think it's correct but the help docs arent all that great.

    Checked youtube and other sites but nothing has worked for me. Using Bing for my ecom clients is so much easier than my service clients. Because I've been unsuccessful importing my conversions I've been calculating metrics manually. Obviously this isnt ideal and I'm not seeing the conversion data for the keywords and other data.

    I only have one client on Bing that's not ecom. If you have an ecom client, I highly recommend adding them to Bing.

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    It's pretty much straight forward going through bing my only advice from importing a campaign is if theres a dynamic anything (ad or adgroup) in a Google campaign it will change the Bing campaign into a dynamic bidding and at the time I did it (last year) they didn't have an option to change it without re importing again without the dynamic portion


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      Not campaigns.



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        Oops my bad misread that, I've been having issues with bing and conversions, I can get it to recognize conversions if using their own script but even then it's not straight forward, You're supposedly able to incorporate Google tag manager (which would be just a matter of adding a tag with the Bing code) but I have yet to get bing to recognize the conversions from it.


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          Even when Bing conversion tracking is supposedly working, it records much different conversion numbers than I see in the Bing / CPC source / medium in Analytics.

          Bing conversion tracking is so spotty IMO